Mercy Amalraj
Bangalore Watch Company
Mercy Amalraj spent her early years in small-town Madurai and went to a Tamil-speaking school. She had zero interest in the technology industry but spent her formative years in tech. She did not have the luxury of choice.
As an accompanying spouse, she travelled to several countries and lived overseas, only to build a stronger connection to home. Mercy learnt not only to tell the difference between Baijiu, Soju and Sake, but also the nuances of business, people, and cultures.
In 2016, Mercy moved back to India to start Bangalore Watch Company™, to create world-class watches in India. As Co-Founder, she manages all matters related to Ownership Experience.
Mercy played several team sports in college, but now demonstrates her competitive spirit in challenging anyone with a wok to make the best Mapo Tofu!